AC under insurance


I think everyone has seen that commercial where the man is resting at a desk and telling a woman at an insurance supplier that his air conditioning shut down.  She smiled nicely from the other side of the desk

and told him that he can’t be covered on his insurance policy unless zombies broke in and destroyed it. The air conditioning is usually not covered on most homeowners insurance policies.  Occasionally it may be covered if an electrical surge destroys all the electronics in the house.  That is why my partner and I chose to add a warranty to our new lake house when we first bought it outright.  For a nominal fee, set up by the real estate broker and paid for at the closing, there would be a warranty on all appliances, plumbing and the air conditioning and heating equipment.  I see the various trucks driving around town so we know that we aren’t the only people who have this type of house warranty.  In fact, this type of warranty is an excellent selling feature for when we go to resell the home.  Naturally, a buyer will have greater peace of mind if they are guaranteed that their air conditioning and heating component is covered for Heating and A/C repairs, along with the stove, refrigerator, etc.  In fact, the warranty with the Heating and A/C service agreement that the we acquired also covers the maintenance, including changing the air filters and occasionally the ductwork cleaning is covered.  The two of us plan on being in this lake house for a long while, so we definitely made sure to load up on all the Heating and A/C features that were available.  The two of us have a smart control thermostat as well that helps a great deal with my temperature control, keeping the favorite setting on even when I am away from the lake house with an easy push of a button. Now I am heading back to my new lake house and my new guaranteed air conditioning.

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