The air filter is wrecked

The first time I became a homeowner, I knew nothing about the regular maintenance of a property. I had either lived with my family or rented apartments and relied on a landlord to handle that stuff. For those first months, I was overwhelmed with the tasks and responsibilities. I also faced so many problems. I was very thankful for information available on the internet. When my kitchen faucet gradually lost pressure and leaked, I researched the issue. I learned that I needed to remove, clean and finally get a new aerator. When my shower started to do the same, I did some reading and found that I needed to empty the hot water tank once per year to reduce sediment. When the air conditioner was suddenly turning off after several minutes and producing very modest cool air, I once again hopped on the web for help. There was a confusing array of recommendations available, but I decided to start in on the air filter. I was amazed to have accessibility to the owner’s manual, because I didn’t even know the place that the access panel was on mine. I was relieved to find out removing and cleaning the oxygen filter was a simple and easy process. The air filter was corroded with a substantial amount of debris. However, once I cleaned the filter, I could see that it was completely trashed. There were slight rips inside, and I assumed this would hinder the performance of the air conditioner. Since I was concerned with getting the wrong kind of air filter, I brought the old gross one to the store with me. When I was unable to find a replacement of the same type at my town hardware store, I ended up contacting a licensed HVAC contractor.

A/C filter