Air conditioning for when I come home

I spent my childhood years working in the sun on my parents peanut farm. Summers were hot but it instilled a deep work ethic in me and I’m certainly now happy that I put in the work in back in the day. Now I own my own personal farm, a blueberry farm. The harvest is wonderful within the summer and we have a plentiful harvest every year. We grow and sell so many blueberries while they are in season that none of us even have to work for the rest of the  year. But let me inform you of something, those four months of work can be extremely difficult. We own a lot of land and in order to provide the biggest harvest we can we should instead get to all the blueberries. This means working ten hours a day and sometimes even longer. It is hot as well as the bugs are terrible. I am glad I’ve got my three kids to help out so we don’t have to look for extra help. We have a great time out in the field and we’ve been laughing and joking around the whole time. However, the best part within the long days are coming home with the air conditioning. We spend so many hours within the hot sun that nice cool air conditioning is sometimes one and only thing that gets us through. We spent a substantial amount of money having a top with the line HVAC system installed last summer and I might say it was a smart investment. I am so happy that we did because sitting in that cool house is now my favorite part of the day.

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