Washing the cooling system

One of the many things that I actually love doing on the weekends is sleeping in as late as I can, and then spending the day cleaning and organizing, especially after a long, stressful week at work.  The fact that I have just enough OCD that being too busy during the previous work week to keep up with laundry, dishes or the mail stresses me out. It is truly fulfilling to get everything caught back up, only to begin the next work week fresh, and this past week in particular has been even more difficult than usual, plus I think that I have much more cleaning to do! I have a load of laundry waiting to be washed and folded. I have dust piling up on the furniture, and my kitchen floor is in desperate need of a good sweeping. Of course, I can’t forget that my carpets need vacuuming. If it is a hot day when I am cleaning, the first thing that I am going to do is get the a/c turned on to help keep myself cool while I work. I do need to replace the air filters in the a/c unit as well. I realized that it has been almost four months since my husband last changed our air filters, and the accepted rule of thumb is that they are supposed to be changed every month or so. I sincerely hope that the new air filters will do the job well, and that we have not done any permanent injury to our a/c unit by not replacing the air filters as we should have.  Having our a/c break just because I did not spend the few dollars on a new air filter would be terribly disappointing. My husband picked some up from the hardware store the other day in  anticipation of my upcoming work day. So he will then install them so we can turn on our air conditioning unit, and I can get to cleaning. Hopefully, I will have a truly productive day cleaning our beloved home and updating our Heating and A/C unit.

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