Good repair on my smart thermostat

I might be a bit of a hypochondriac; it’s hard to say, since mentally ill people aren’t usually able to diagnose themselves. However, I can say for sure that I’m acutely aware of how my body feels, and any fluctuation throws me in a panic because I’m convinced that I’m getting sick, already hurt, or in general something is functioning improperly. For instance, If I feel sluggish for a day or two , I’m convinced that I’m getting sick. I will go through extreme countermeasures to attempt to remedy the illness, and no matter if I end up falling gruesome, I feel as though this diagnosis was correct. That’s how i ended up convincing myself i had the flu last month for a couple of days when, in reality, my HVAC system was failing. I was in the house working as usual when I started getting random spurts of hot and cold flashes. I thought I might be catching a draft, so i adjusted the air vents and made sure all the windows were shut. The thermostat appeared to be set appropriately, with an normal indoor temperature of 70 degrees, yet I continued to go through a rollercoaster of heat along with freezing cold. My body has been literally fluctuating between sweating and shivering, and I became obsessed about this apparent flu that I was battling. I made myself cup after cup of tea, popped aspirin, and spent two days feeling miserable. Later, my boyfriend came over and immediately commented on how my thermostat was raising and lowering the temperature. Another illness curtailed.

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