Don’t even have to buy an air conditioner

I have a bit of a predicament that I go through every few months or so. You see, I’m a reasonably active individual by nature. I enjoy staying busy as much as i can, and I enjoy facing and completing tasks very substantially. I also get a number of walking accomplished each day, between getting to work, taking long walk , and getting the dog outside during the night time. However, I’ve found that all of these activities aren’t enough to prevent unfortunate belly fat, and the only real cure is to add jogging to my routine. That being said, I hate going outside and running in the sun. I also cannot stand going to the gym, where there’s suitable air conditioning, to be sure, but there are a ton of everyday people being gross and getting in your way. That’s why I was so excited when we moved to a new house with enough space to get a treadmill – so I can run in the comfort of my own air conditioning, perfectly turned to my very own temperature settings! I couldn’t wait to get a fan going, turn down the thermostat, and get to business without worrying in regards to a crowd. It’s turned out to be even better than I anticipated, though, because the lower level our house actually stays unbelievably cool even without AC running! I can leave the thermostat set to 75 degrees but still work out comfortably in the basement, where the ambient temperatures is easily ten degrees chiller! I’m saving a ton on energy costs, and my belly is looking better than ever.

AC program