Terrible cooling device in college

My sister as well as I went on a cruise for our graduation from our university. It was our first time on a big boat so I was anxious but excited. I made booked the trip online, about a month before our departure. I wanted to make sure that I would have everything necessary, since this was our first time on a ship of this size for such a long time. Once both of us were settled onboard the ship, both of us started looking for our rooms. The room was on one of the main decks, as well as had balcony views. It wasn’t too bad for the first time we’d ever been on a ship. The rooms themselves were much smaller than I had originally thought, but they were disinfected as well as quaint. The cooling plan worked almost too well though and sometimes I had to turn it the fan speed down to the lowest setting in the middle of night, or risk my sister and I freezing to death. One day of the trip, the cooling plan started acting even more ridiculous and unless it off completely, it would only produce icy, chilly air. Even when the cooling plan was again on the lowest fan setting, it was still too chilly in the room. I thought that it wouldn’t be good to complain. Besides, my sister and I were okay with having a chilly room as it could have been much worse and the system could have not worked at all. I did ask the staff to bring me an extra blanket or two, which they didn’t seem to mind. The cruise turned out to be a good time, even with the cooling plan problems.

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