A/C wasting the energy

Have you ever had an energy assessment down on your house? I was watching a commercial the other day there was offering a special on having the service done by a local HVAC dealer. This is where they come into your home and take temperature readings as well as measurements to see if your current system is working efficiently and maintaining the temperature that you have the thermostat set at. Our kids are constantly complaining that the house is too cold so I decided that this was something I should have done. Additionally our energy costs of gone up over the past year or so, and hopefully this will make a difference.  The energy bill has been almost fifteen percent higher than what it had been the month before. I called the phone number from the advertisement and asked them to come to the house for an inspection. They came out and after the assessment said that the system itself was working great but that I had several pockets in the house then had drastic differences in temperature.  This could be caused by faulty insulation, windows that weren’t sealed, or even the fact that the sun was streaming through the windows during the day. My energy bill also continued to be higher even after I tried sealing up the windows better. One day, I was sitting by the thermostat and realized that it felt warmer there than anywhere else in the house. There is a window that lets in a large amount of sunshine in and that was making the difference. Once we started closing the drapes, it made all the difference.

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