A/C on a time slot

Home automation is the path of the future. Everything from the car you drive, to the electrical appliances & Lighting in your home can now be controlled by either your cell phone or even by voice command. All of these modern conveniences also come with a very hefty price tag. I was looking into some programmable lighting fixtures last week. A single unit costs nearly a hundred dollars to purchase. I am sorry, but there is just no way that I will ever pay that much for one lamp. I don’t even like the high cost of those new LED bulbs that are supposed to last forever. I would like one of those security systems that I can program into my smartphone however I got willing to pay for that at this time either. There is one thing that I purchase for my home that is fully programmable and that is my new HVAC system. It not only has complete Zone control but can be programmed four different times of the day so that if my house is unoccupied I don’t have to keep it at a warmer or cooler setting then when I would if I were home. This also allows me to heat and cool individual rooms based on their occupancy as well. When my kids are away at College I ain’t can leave their rooms warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter and just turn them back to a normal temperature when they are home on break. This alone has saved me significantly on my heating and cooling cost and the new system has practically paid for itself. One day I hope that the rest of the home automation items can be more affordable and help us in our everyday life. But for now at least I have taken advantage of something that will save me well into the future.

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