The date night cooling

My good friends have been completely trying to set me up with a variety of different guys for years. They consider it wise to send me on blind dates with hopes that I’ll finally find a guy that has potential. I continuously tell them I can date on my own, but they know I would not pursue anything with anyone because I can’t stand dating. However, to make them happy for once, I agreed to proceed one of their blind date ranges last weekend. I met the guy with a new restaurant in the community that had awesome reviews. However, when I first walked in the place, all I could feel has been the air conditioning on blast. Dismissing it, I tried to find my date while I covered my shoulders with a light sweater I bought. When i realized he wasn’t there at this point, I told the hostess to sit me at a table that was furthest off the air conditioning vents. Of course, my date was late and I ended up having to sit directly underneath the air conditioner ports. I was shivering and felt uncomfortable because the cool air was blowing all over me waiting for him to show. After 1 hour went by, I decided to move to your bar since it was a little more crowded and really warm. Luckily, I could escape the air conditioner for a little while before my date finally showed up. We ended up sitting at the same table under the air conditioning vents and sat having a very awkward meal shivering more than speaking.

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