Thermostat repair

The thermostat appeared to me as if it was stuck at thirty-one degrees. For about a minute or two, I actually thought it might have been frozen, but then it dropped to an even 30 degrees. We had just entered into the lease on our house when we were hit with this terrible blizzard. Our furnace together with the heating system suddenly stopped working as hard as they should be and the temperature sank.  Because if this temperature drop, our pipes not only froze, but they burst. We were working with our HVAC provider for pretty much a full week, on and off trying to get that mess sorted out. Within that short period of time, our house was flooded and we lost a whole lot of personal items because of water damage.  The delay wasn’t the HVAC companies fault, however. We had been warned earlier, just before signing a new lease that it’s always important to to have the HVAC unit serviced in the fall rather than the winter to avoid these serious problems. I suppose it must have slipped our minds amongst the millions of other things that accompany moving, but I cannot express just how much I wish it hadn’t forgotten. If we could have caught this issue earlier we wouldn’t have needed to spend a full night driving around in the snow searching for a motel for the night.

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