Moving AC down from attic

My brother Shane and I live together in our small town. We really have a nice setup. He and I rent a house together, play music as loud as we want to and don’t bother with cleaning whatsoever. It is simple and easy living. There is no stress and very little motivation happening at our home. The problem is that we put things off way too much though. By way of example, cooling installation every year can be a pain in the butt. Shane and I have a few window AC units that we store up in the attic. Year after year for summer we drag those AC units down from the attic and then we set them up. It is a great deal of  work and the air conditioning units are very heavy. Needless to say, Shane and I always put it off. So every year we end up dragging the cooling units down on one of several hottest days of the season. The attic is always around 100 degrees at least whenever we are lifting the AC units. My hands are always lathered in sweat and Shane usually drops a minumum of one unit on his foot. We then pick up and lift and maneuver the cooling equipment down two flights of stairs and then balance them on windowsills thereafter trying to set them inside the windows. It is super annoying and sucky what we need to do. It would be way better when it is eventually not 100 degrees outside. But my brother and I never can discover a method to get motivated to do the cooling installation unless we absolutely need the units right then.

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