HVAC taken for granted

An HVAC system is something that I think most people take for granted. I know that my family has not had to live in any house that did not have the proper heating or cooling system, so they really tend to assume that anyone has this luxury. However, I have already been in homes in my area that do not have air conditioners or heaters. Usually, they have to depend on portable A/Cs or space heaters when the weather is either way too hot or too cold. Running an HVAC unit is furthermore very expensive. During the middle of summer plus the peak of winter, my utility bill usually increases by about $60 month after month. This may not sound similar to a lot but it adds up to a pretty big amount by the end of the year. To be a middle-class person, I have to budget my money and focus on how much I am shelling out. I do my best to turn off my HVAC system the moment I’m not home or whether it is not needed. I think everyone should put more thought into the direction they are using their air conditioner given it would save them money and drop the amount of energy that we use as a society. The quality of energy we use is way off the charts, and we need to find ways to cut back on this because it requires a lot of resources. I for one am concerned about taking care of the environment, and I want to be sure that I am reducing my impact on it if I can.

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