Hoping for HVAC zone control

I wish that my house had a zone controlled air conditioning system. I currently live with 4 roommates because the city I live in is extremely expensive. I get along with my roommates pretty well, but we always butt heads about how precisely exactly to run the air conditioner. Three of us like to have the A/C running at all instances because we get hot easily, and the other one is the exact opposite. We have had quite a few feuds over our utility bill for that reason. That one who doesn’t need to run the air conditioner fairly often gets angry at me in addition to my other roommates because we are the reason the power bill is normally high. I usually chip in some extra money when this can be the case, but there’s no way I’m going to stop running the air conditioner. I’d be so uncomfortable if I was forced to sit in a stuffy house all day long. I am a work at home individual, so I obviously do most of my work from home. I need to be inside of a place where I feel at ease when trying to get my writing and projects done. Zone control HVAC systems are good ways for people in my situation when they allow everyone to adjust their room to their desired temperature. This is a feature that any landlord should look into having installed when they know that they will likely have several tenants in a home. It would really go further in terms of keeping a power bill at a normal level and making sure that everyone is satisfied in their own place.

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