Warranty On A New System

Finding the perfect HVAC system is really difficult! Who knew that there were so many options to choose from? My husband and I are very indecisive people, so it takes us weeks to make decisions on very simple things. It took us two months to pick a dishwasher, and over a year to decide on a paint color for our bedroom. Since it takes us so long to make decisions, we avoided the discussion about a new HVAC system. However, when our HVAC system shut down completely, it was time for us to make a decision. We contacted a HVAC business in town and told them we were in the market for a new system. They met with us and gave us several fantastic options, but we couldn’t make a decision! How were we supposed to choose between all the different features that were on the market these days? We had this fear that we’d spend hundreds of dollars on a new system and then hate it! We sat in an overheated house for months before my husband suggested something. He said that after doing some research on his own, several systems that we’d looked at had a 90 day warranty. We could pick a system that we thought would be a good fit, then test it out for 90 days. This eliminated some of the pressure we felt to make the perfect decision! We had the HVAC system installed last week and we’ve been loving it! I really don’t see us returning it or testing anything else out. I’m so thankful for warranties!

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