New baby

Last year, we added a 16 month old baby to our household when our baby godson came to live with us. We had always been really clean people, but adding a baby to the mix made us become more vigilant about keeping the house germ free. This included adding some regular HVAC maintenance to our home cleaning schedule. We want to be sure that we do not have to worry about air pollutants or dust making the little guy sick. Before, we just had to worry about us and our pets. A baby makes it all different. We have three pets. One dog and two cats. Their fur and dander can be an issue anyway, so we had the HVAC company add a HEPA filter to our HVAC unit and we set up a regular system check-up to our cleaning routine. Every three months the service techs come out and inspect the air conditioning, the filter, the vents, etc. We had them switch us from a 30 day filter to a 90 day filter so we don’t even have to change that one item. The techs take care of everything. Believe it or not, after a year of all this new stuff, our little home feels so much cleaner than it ever had before. Our air quality is better than it ever was before. We even have a lot less dust, dander, and pet hair on the floors and in the air. My allergies even seem to have lessened. We even think the house smells better than before we got the HEPA filter installed last year. We are very pleased with our upgrades.

HEPA filter