Garage leak

When I came home from work on Monday and opened the garage door, I was surprised to see water running out and onto the driveway! After the door slowly opened, I saw the plastic bins we store winter clothes and holiday decorations in floating around the garage in about a foot of water! I could not tell where the water was coming from, but it seemed to be coming from the ceiling. Our condo is constructed with three units per building. Two are side by side like townhouses and the third is above the garages that the townhouses share, like an English flat. The water appeared to be coming from that unit. I ran to their front door and banged on it like a cop trying to break it down. The woman who lives there opened the door, clearly oblivious to my concerns. I told her about the water and she said it was not coming from her condo. I showed her the garage and asked her if she had any water running. She said the only thing turned on in her apartment was the air conditioner. We ran up the stairs from her front door and into her condo. She ripped the HVAC closet door open and we saw a tiny puddle under her HVAC unit. I got down on the floor with my phone’s flashlight turned on. I looked under the unit and saw a steady stream of water running out of the HVAC and onto the floor. I stuck my finger in the puddle it created and felt that it was an extremely deep puddle. A hole had definitely formed. That certainly explained the water in my garage. She shut off her HVAC system right away and we called an emergency repair service as well as our insurance companies.