Fishy Smelling Market

We love to go to open air markets in new places. But I truly believe there are some things that should not be sold in this manner. If you are fortunate enough to live along the Seaboard, and open-air fish market is fine, but if you live where we do, way off the coast, this type of a scene can be disturbing. From the moment we got out of the car in the small town where we stopped the smell of fish was overwhelming.  I did my shopping and that most of the things that I wanted but when we got close to the fish area I just couldn’t take it.  I went up and asked the merchant why he was set up without having proper HVAC to keep the fish and seafood fresh. He tried to tell me that it was fine and that the ice it was sitting on kept it cool enough but I wasn’t buying it. I truly believe that things such as fresh meats, cheeses, and dairy products should be sold in a building that has proper heating and cooling to keep them from spoiling.  I knew by the smell alone that the items he was trying to sell we’re probably not safe to eat so when I got home I contacted the local Health Department and filed a complaint. We live in a day and age when having proper air conditioning and proper refrigeration is not a problem so there is no reason to have things like that for sale at an open-air Market where they can spoil. At least we knew enough not to purchase anything from him that day.

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