Dressed for success

Our son has been looking for a job ever since he graduated college. The earn his degree as a CPA and it has been a difficult search. I really feel that had he graduated prior to tax season he would have had an easier time finding employment, but as it stands right now no one seems to be hiring. It is the middle of June and the outside temperatures are anywhere from 80 to 90 degrees yes he needs to be dressed in a business suit for his interviews which I’m sure makes him uncomfortable. Even though he has air conditioning in his car and most buildings have HVAC systems to, it is the fact that he has to travel in between that makes it difficult. He needs to wear a suit and tie each time he heads out on an interview so that he looks professional. After all, no one is going to hire a CPA right out of college if they come in dressed like a bum. He has been on at least 20 interviews and has had no call backs as yet,  each time he heads out I wish him well and really hope that he finds something soon before he gets discouraged. We are very proud of him for the degree he earned and all of the hard work you put into it so we just wanted to pay off for him. The other factor is that his student loans will come to in the next few months and he will have to start making payments on them and without a job that would be difficult. I hope that wherever he does find a job as a quality HVAC system so that he is not miserable during his work day. When he decided to go into accounting we were surprised because he is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and knew going in that he would then have to dress the part.

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