Book club

I joined a book club last year. I enjoy reading but I do not always like the selection each month. Sometimes the books are really good, though. My favorite part is getting together each month and discussing the books over dinner and drinks. We meet in a different member’s home each time. It is comfortable and casual for the most part. Last month we met at the oldest house in our group. Even though the book club member has only lived there for three years, the house is over 65 years old. It needed a new roof and floors before she was ready to move in. The next big cost was either some new pipes or a new HVAC system. She was trying to decide where to spend the money. At our last meeting of the book club, that choice was made for her. The house was suddenly very warm. When she went to the thermostat to adjust it, she saw that the light on the control panel was very dim. She changed the battery and adjusted the temperature down. It clicked on and the house cooled down a little bit. Within a couple of hours, though, the house was very warm again. Everyone in the group gave her the name and phone number of an HVAC company they trusted. A few of us gave her the same info. With us endorsing them, she knew who to call. By the time her turn to host came up again, I had almost forgotten about the issue. I recalled it once we sat down. We were all very comfortable and the house stayed cool and comfortable the entire time. I wish the book had been as good.

HVAC service