Wishing for cooling before work

I work in a pretty large office building. I travel for approximately twenty minutes both ways to and from work. I have a great HVAC system installed in my car for the cold mornings and the hot afternoons. I like that I can be cool and comfortable inside my car while I’m on my ride to and from work. I would hate to be freezing or sweating when I get to my job. My office building incorporates a great HVAC system, as properly. The building is always cooled down or heated perfectly. One day last week, I decided to carpool with a co-worker. That was such an unpleasant idea because her car did not have any air conditioning. When I got the results, I was soaking wet and my hair was a mess from riding with the windows down. I had to change my clothes the minute I arrived at my job. It was a good thing I kept a clean set of clothes in my locker. I am so incredibly happy that my office building had a heating and cooling system installed in the building. I never would have made it through the rest of the day with no air conditioning. I told my friend I would never ride with her again, unless she got a great HVAC system installed in her car. I think I may have hurt her feelings, but I don’t care. That was the worst ride of my life, and I don’t plan on every repeating it.

AC worker