Switching off the A/C

Last month our fiance got a promotion at his work. He has worked long hours over the last couple of years, so he really deserves it. But the promotion means that we have to move across state lines. This does not bother me because I am employed from home. However, every one of us had to pack up our entire life and find a current site to live in our new city. We also had to inform our landlord that we were going to be moving out in the coming month. Every one of us were fortunate enough to be living in a site that had a month to month lease. The worst part about this was getting our cooling system turned off and out of our name. Initially I did not believe that this issue would be so terrible. I tried getting onto the electric corporation’s website to discontinue our air conditioning and electric service, however the website was down for a repair. I then tried calling the corporation by phone, however was put on hold for a long time. I had no choice however to wait, the last thing I wanted was to be paying a bill for a service that I no longer needed. Finally, when a representative got on the line, I had to go into detail about our fiance’s promotion and how every one of us would no longer be living in the place where the air conditioning and electric service was needed. The representative inquired if every one of us would prefer to move our air conditioning and electric service to our new city, however I told her that I planned on shopping around before signing up with a company.

AC repair plan