Hoping to repair own HVAC unit

I decided to make a major life change a few years ago. I had gotten my associates degree back in 2007, but I felt it was subsequently time to get my bachelor’s degree. My boss said I may get a substantial raise, and I could also get a more desired workload. So, off to the local college I went. It was a little overwhelming, the work was much harder than what I had to do to get my associates degree. I had a huge project due last week, and had to take a whole week off from work to do it. Unfortunately, my HVAC system decided to to break down that same week. I was considering doing the project in the comfort of my personal home, but I couldn’t put emphasis without my air conditioner. I tried everything I could by adjusting the thermostat, examining the compressor, and even inspecting the air vents. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my HVAC system by myself. I called a local HVAC business to schedule an appointment, and they said they could send out an HVAC technician by monday morning. Unfortunately, that happened to be when my project was due. There would be no way to extend the due date either. I had no choice but to complete my school project at the air conditioned comfort of the local library. Their air conditioner was great and never had any types of problems. This time was certainly no disappointment, and I was in a position to finish my project in the comfort of an nice working air conditioner. Monday came around, and the HVAC technician was thankfully able to fix my own air conditioner.

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