Ductwork pushed out hot air

A little while ago I had an opportunity to have the job of my dreams. I couldn’t believe my goals were becoming a reality! I was so worried the morning of my job. I dressed up in a very nice suit, put on a fancy tie, and made sure every hair along my head was perfectly in position. There was one thing I could not plan on, however. That thing was the HVAC system at this workplace building where I was being interviewed. I walked into the lobby and it felt like I I just stepped into a blistering desert. I figured they would have the A/C on. This would have made sense, considering it was the middle of july. Instead, it felt much like the furnace was on! You could just feel the searing heat coming through the ductwork relentlessly. I started sweating nonstop. I couldn’t stop gritting my teeth. I wiped my brow and took the elevator upstairs. The whole time I was silently cursing this HVAC system. I arrived inside my floor and asked to find my interviewer. I noticed I was not on my own sweating in the heat from the HVAC system. My interviewer arrived on the scene and I shook his hand. I grinned when I saw that he too was sweating from this overpowering HVAC system. Before anything else was spoken, he apologized about the HVAC system. He informed me of the fact that the thermostat was set from the organization office from across town, and there was some type of malfunction. This was why the furnace was on.

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