AC system working a lot

The breakroom at my job is always very lively. There is almost always some type of loud conversation happening. The topics range from national politics, to religion, to science and also history. We have quite the diverse crew where I work. Needless to say, a month or so ago we had a slightly different event in the lunchroom. Apparently the building was suffering from some issues, because the air conditioner had been on full blast. It ended up being freezing! Everyone was talking about this strange situation. Some people thought the HVAC system must be broken. A few others thought that maybe someone changed the settings on accident, perhaps they bumped into the thermostat. Someone even thought that boss was trying to freeze us out on purpose to keep everyone wide awake! There was more or less every type of gossip you could imagine about the HVAC system, but nobody took the time to actually discover what the real issue was with the air conditioner. I decided to ask my manager what was going on with the HVAC system. He informed me that the corporate office had just issued a brand new air conditioner policy. Every store now was required to set the thermostat to a certain level regularly. It didn’t make any sense in my opinion to dictate what temperature an HVAC system should be set to by someone who isn’t even using that system. I’m only an employee, still, I really had no choice but to go along with the new HVAC system policies. So, I went back to the lunchroom and told my coworkers the actual reason behind the HVAC system trouble. They were as perplexed as I was!

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