Every few years, we go to visit my husband’s parents, and it is a trip that I dread.  Not that I don’t love them, but our trips always have to be in the summer because they are school teachers and that’s the only time they’re off.  The problem is that they don’t have air-conditioning.  The house they have lived in for the past eight years didn’t have A/C when they moved and they say they don’t want to go to the expense of installing it “for just a few months a year.”  They rely on ceiling and portable fans, open windows and best of all, their swimming pool.  Even though the outside temperatures are usually in the high 90’s, the days are pretty pleasant.  We usually spend most of the time in the pool, and in the evenings, we either sit outside or watch TV in the living room, where the open windows, patio doors and fans make the temperature bearable.  The problem starts when we go to bed.  The bedrooms are on the second floor and by the end of day, the blazing sun has made the upstairs into an oven.  The nighttime temperatures are still in the high 70’s, and with the humidity factored it, the room is stifling.  The open windows just let more hot air in and the fans just blow it around.  Two summers ago, we shopped around with them and bought them a sleeper sofa that matched their other furniture, just so that we could sleep downstairs for the two week we are there each year.  We don’t really feel safe sleeping on the ground floor with all the doors and windows open, but our need to have to sleep overcomes our fear.  

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