Living in the South

If you’ve lived in the south, you know how unbearable the summer heat can be. It really is unreal. I only just moved to the south for a job, and I live with a few girls from work who are also not originally from the south. We had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we took these jobs. We did not know that here, air conditioning is an absolute necessity. When our landlord told us that the air conditioning is included, we were ecstatic. We thought it was a great deal. Turns out, it is actually quite normal because you cannot live here without you. I really think you would die otherwise. Once the summer was in full swing, we understood the air conditioning situation. There is not a moment during the day that we are not using the air conditioning. It is always on, and there are days when we decide to just literally sit inside and blast the air conditioning all day, never leaving the room. And honestly, I do not even mind it at all. Usually, I am a really active person. I like to be outside hiking, running, doing yoga, whatever. But this heat is no joke, and for someone who is not accustomed to it, I cannot even be outside during certain times of the day. It is just too hot. I prefer to sit in the air conditioning all day feeling the nice cool breeze instead of just standing outside sweating all day!

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