Ice cream truck

I drive an ice cream truck for a living. Yes, that’s right. One of those little trucks with the happy music blaring over the intercom, interrupting the peace and serenity of a quiet day while I drive through your neighborhood.  I enjoy the truck route, weaving in and out all day, meeting and talking to all the kids and their moms.  I can hear the constant sound of multiple air conditioning units turning on in the heat of the day during my routes as well as the kids at the pool, trying to stay cool without air conditioning.  In my business, I can even sell ice cream in the winter.  A cold ice cream by the fireplace or furnace is quite the treat. However, in the summertime, the heat can get to me at times. With each stop, I open the window to greet customers and I get a blast of hot air hitting me in the face. I get their order and close the window back quickly in a vain attempt to keep the interior of my truck cool.  I retrieve the wonderfully cold ice cream for my customers and after thanking them for their business, I say my goodbyes to them knowing that they are quickly returning to either the pool or the cool air conditioning. Thankfully, my freezer works.  All along I’m thinking of how nice it would feel to be sitting at home under an air conditioning vent right now, after setting the thermostat to the temperature control that I enjoy. Thankfully, the hot day is passing and it is time to go home to my cool air conditioning and eat some ice cream.

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