Generator and Heat

I remember when we first got a generator when I was just a kid. We were the only people on the block to have one. The power used to go out all the time during the winter because where I grew up, it snowed like crazy. We would sometimes get five feet of snow at a time. When the power would go out and there was a lot of snow, we would sometimes be without heat or light for days on end. This all changed when we got a generator. I remember the first storm that killed the power in my neighborhood after we got the generator. We were the only house that had lights on somewhere under all the snow, but the best part was that we had heat. My parents opened our house up to everyone–some needed to shower and others just wanted to come in and get warm. It actually turned out to be pretty fun, especially because I was so young. A bunch of people brought whatever food they had over and just hung out at our house until the power came back on, it was really small town stuff. But I remember that one of my mom’s friends was really sick, and she needed to be in a warm house. Thankfully, our heat was working because of the generator, so she stayed there all night long actually. Although the lights were great, the most important thing was that we had heat in the house, because it was dangerously cold outside. I’ll never forget it!

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