Concert venue

When I was a lot younger, I would go to all the music concerts around my area.  We would all go together in groups and drive  anywhere where our music favorites were playing.  Indoor concerts were just as popular as the outdoor venues.  Thousands of thousands of people in one arena.  In the south where I’m from, I probably should have tried to attend outdoor concerts only in the winter time where it is very comfortable but being a teenager, the sun and heat didn’t bother me.  So we would go to all the rock concerts we could.  Once on a trip to see once such rock band, we stopped on the way to get hamburgers and french fries.  The teenagers best diet, right?  Real ice cream shakes also.  We loaded up on lunch and arrived at the concert arena.  By this time it is high noon and extremely hot.  We had been using the car air conditioning the whole trip.  Now we’ve arrived and it doesn’t take long before that extra chocolate shake starts getting to me.  I’m getting sunburned and nauseous, so I figure I’d go to the nurse’s station for a little cool air conditioning.  Wow, it felt good.  There was at least one building where I could go and still hear the music but at the same time I sat in the air conditioning.  I had to cool down a bit.  I don’t think I’ll go to as many outdoor concerts anymore.  I’ll have to stay in a more temperature controlled environment so I don’t get sick again.  

AC serviceman