Cold Restaurants

I live in the northeast. As you can expect, it gets very cold during the long winters around where I live. However, everyone is usually equipped for the cold with really efficient HVAC systems that have excellent heat. However, a new restaurant opened up in town that obviously missed this memo. The owners are from the south, and had no idea the extent to which the cold gets. My mom and I wanted to try out their place the other night and got put at a table next to the fireplace. This ended up being a godsend, because the restaurant was freezing. It was as if they did not turn the heat on at all! Where I live, everyone has their heat blasting all winter, even if they are not home. It is constantly below zero and you run the risk of letting your pipes freeze if you do not run your heat constantly. However, this restaurant almost seemed as if the air conditioning was on. The owners were freezing as well, being so not used to this cold weather. At least my mom and I were next to the fireplace so we were a bit warmer, but our food was cold and by the end of the meal, our hands and noses were also freezing. Our food honestly tasted as if it hadn’t even been cooked because it was cold as soon as it sat on our table. Oh well, I think the owners will learn better for next year how to prepare for winter!

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