Broken Car HVAC

My dad thinks of his truck like a friend.  He bought it new and he has had it forever, and he will never sell it or trade it.  He plans on running it until it won’t move anymore, and he says that’s how it should be.  I don’t understand the relationship some men have with their vehicles.  He is always washing it and tuning it up, and mom says he loves the truck more than her.  Last week, the HVAC, in the truck, died.  He has no idea what happened, but the heating and the air conditioning, have quit working, and he is really concerned.   He says he doesn’t want to abandon his truck, but it is winter, and the temperature are sub freezing.  He can’t use the truck without heating and if he tries, he is bundled up in multiple layers and woolen hat and gloves.  The steering wheel sticks to his hands, because it is so cold and his hands are so warm.   For dad’s birthday present,, my brother wanted to give him something special.  He didn’t say why, but he asked if he could borrow the truck for a couple of days..  For some reason, dad allowed him to have it, and my brother had a local HVAC repair mechanic fix the HVAC system  Dad was so happy when he had working AC and heating, that he cried.  I’m praying that difficulties don’t continue to happen, but it is now an antique.  I know that there are many more breakdowns ahead, but dad doesn’t need to worry about the heating or air conditioning.

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