Sharing Utilities Nightmare

I just don’t understand the lack of common courtesy in others sometimes when it comes to basic awareness of your environment and all around you. I am so grateful to how my mom and dad raised me in being responsible on all accounts. In our house we were made aware of how the house runned, what a budget looked like and how to maintain your expenses with the income you were receiving. Right now I am living with three other roommates who seem to think money grows on trees, it is certainly easier for them coming from wealthier families, however. Our monthly energy bill has skyrocketed since the winter hit. They seem to think that central heating is really cheap, while I know better. They turn on the thermostat whenever they feel like it, especially when it is barely even cold outside or inside! I keep trying to explain about energy conservation and efficiency, that if we were smarter with how we use our thermostat and heat then we can lower our bill, but no one was getting it. Finally, desperate for my own finances and responsible part of the bill I called down to the HVAC store to talk to a technician. He suggested getting zone control where each room has it’s own temperature. This way we could set the common areas to base temperature we won’t touch and then each of their rooms art whatever temperature they want which would allow us to price out the monthly bill by looking at the thermostat and seeing who used what. I loved this new idea and maybe it will wake them up to how much heat they are wasting.

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