Northern home with heated floors

My husband and I will be building a new house up north this year, near the coast, and have been discussing whether or not to install heated flooring. We’ve gone back and forth on the issue; he thinks that it can’t possibly be as effective at heating the entire house as heating with forced air. However, my sister, Mary’s, house has heated flooring and she insists that her energy bills have actually gone down after the installation of her heated flooring and it is more energy efficient. She said that there are several advantages to installing heated flooring, her favorite being her heating bill. But seriously, since the heat permeates throughout the rooms there is nothing that is cold. Therefore, since all of the surfaces are warm there is nothing to rob people of their body heat. Also, there is no ductwork for forced air so there is no loss of heat via that route either. Since there is no ductwork, there is also no release of dust particles into the air. Mary said that this has been the greatest blessing in fighting the war against her allergies as she has noticed a significant decline in her allergic reactions since the HVAC technician installed her heated floors. Additionally, she and her family can go through the house barefoot in the middle of winter and be perfectly comfortable. The heating is hidden underneath the floor in a system of plastic tubing that is snaked throughout and radiates to the floor. The more that I think about my sister’s heated flooring and all the advantages she boasts about; I think that this is a perfect means of heating for our new home. I can’t wait to run around barefoot in the middle of winter and be comfortable because of our new heated floors.

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