HVAC in a Hot Truck

My car uses a ton of gas. It is actually an SUV, I suppose. I enjoy driving places while listening to the music, but I just can’t afford the price of gas these days. I have to plan very carefully when I have to go somewhere. The worst part about my car and the gas prices is the fact that I can’t use my air conditioning if I’m low on gas. The A/C will eat up all my gas and leave me stranded on the side of the road. So I keep my windows rolled down to allow as much air into the car as possible. I hate arriving somewhere all hot and sweating and with my hair all messed up from the strong winds blowing through my windows. I best friend suggested I buy a tiny fan to attack to my dashboard for those times when I am not able to use my air conditioning system. I thought this was a great idea, so I drove down to the super center and picked out a tiny pink fan that matched the interior of my car. I immediately attached to the dash when I got back outside, and then I turned it on. Since I was low on gas and could not use the air conditioner, that fan really helped keep me cool on those hot summer days. I have thanked my friend a million times for her good advice. Now I can keep my window rolled up a bit when I have to use the fan instead of the air conditioner. That way my hair isn’t all messy when  I arrive at my location.