Hot Temperatures On a Snowy Day

Every year, we go up north to visit my grandmother. She lives in a location that get very cold. It snows a lot, too. It snowed the entire time we were staying there, and we were basically snowed in the entire time. My grandmother has a really great HVAC system, and everyone knows it. As soon as you step through the front door, you can feel the heat all around you. Her HVAC thermostat is set so high that it causes most of us to sweat while we are there. The year before, I actually installed an HVAC window unit for our room to counteract the heat in that house. It was simple to install, and most of the time, all I needed to do was turn the fan on, and would cool that room down perfectly. Since we were snowed in, my kids and I spent most of our time in that room, because it was the most comfortable place in the house. We still had to exit the nicely air conditioned room to eat and use the bathroom, but we could, at least, return to our comfortable room when we were finished. I have no idea why my grandmother keeps her HVAC thermostat at such a high temperature, but it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. I assume she is cold blooded or something like that. I don’t ever say anything to her because I do not want to hurt her feelings after she has done so much to accomodate my family and I. I am so glad I purchase air conditioning window unit for our room, though. It has definitely paid off.

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