Fishing and HVAC

My brother and I rented a cabin up in the Great Lakes for a fishing trip last year.  I was excited to go and spend some time with him because now that we’re adults we really have that opportunity. It was early spring so I tried to pack for any type of weather but was unprepared for the fact that we would be dependent upon only a wood stove for heat in the middle of the night. The cabin included just about everything you would need with the exception of your bedding and clothing but the few blankets that they had we’re not sufficient to keep us warm. Our original plans were to spend a full week at the cabin but after three days we decided to stay in a hotel instead. It wasn’t that far from our fishing spot anyway and at least it had a quality HVAC system so we could sleep better at night. I definitely learned a lesson from that trip and from now on whenever I am going on vacation anywhere I checked the reviews and call the facility to make sure what the heating and cooling situation is where we will be staying. Nothing can ruin your vacation faster than being either too hot or too cold. My brother and I agree that we should do this at least once a year and it will be nice to have this new tradition between the two of us. One day when we have kids we can pass that on to them and take them on our trips with us. As you get older life gets crazy so it’s important to take time out to spend with those you love.

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