Choosing a programmable thermostat to best fit your schedule and preferences.

My husband and I have been talking about ways to save money around the house. We have a pretty set schedule at our house as far as both of us working Monday through Friday and we are generally home on the weekends. So, we thought that purchasing a programmable thermostat for our HVAC system would be a great idea to save on energy costs because we could program it for our schedule and preferences. To save money on heating costs with our non-programmable thermostat we have to manually lower the heat or air when needed, then turn it back up accordingly. This is not only inconvenient, it has also proven to be uncomfortable when waiting for our home to reach our desired temperature. With a programmable thermostat, the HVAC system will cycle on and heat or cool the house before we arrive home. We had the choice of 7 day, 5-1-1, and 5-2 programmable thermostats. The 7 day programmable thermostat would be good if our schedule and needs varied daily; however, we decided a 5-1-1 or a 5-2 would be our best fit. After talking to the HVAC technician, we decided that the best option for us would allow us to program the weekend days separately; so, we went with the 5-1-1 programmable thermostat. It has been energy and cost efficient; however, the biggest benefit has been coming home from work and not having to wait for the HVAC unit to reach our desired temperature. I recommend speaking to your local HVAC technician about installing a programmable thermostat for your schedule and preferences.

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