Allergy Season Nightmare

I curse my parents daily for giving me the gene for horrible allergies. Every year like clockwork that little alarm goes off and bam the allergies attack. I have my own apartment, thankfully, so I do my best to keep it pretty sterile with a state of the art HVAC cooling and heating system with special air filters for someone with my extent of allergies. I actually have maintenance checks from the local HVAC service technician on a monthly basis, they give me a great deal since they know the importance of my health and I in turn talk them up to anyone that will listen. The last few years with the climate change, I feel like the allergens are at a strength that I just can’t combat. Everything I am doing just doesn’t seem enough. I was really suffering at work as their HVAC system is so much older and outdated than mine, let alone not taken care of as well either. I decided to pull my boss aside today and talk to him about an idea I had to help me be two hundred percent more productive at work. Basically, I was going to ask him to allow me to work from home during allergy season since my home and HVAC unit far surpass his attempts at making his allergy friendly. I explained that his air vents were bringing me way down in productivity and that he gave me this opportunity to work from home, he would see great work strides that I could even take on more work than I am right now.

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