Set up your heating and air right

When I was a younger person, my own parents liked to keep our home very warm. The thermostat in our house was always very high, because my mother preferred for the home to be warm. She was constantly finding herself cold with a sweater on, and it made my dad keep the thermostat set much higher. I happen to think that’s 70 degrees is the perfect temperature to keep our home set, but I know that my mother and father disagree immensely. I often wonder about how to degrees can make such a huge difference in the indoor atmosphere. You would easily think that two degrees could not even be noticed, but yet it is something we encounter nearly every day. I can easily tell when my hubby has attempted to adjust the thermostat. Even without looking at the thermostat, I can easily tell if it has been changed from 72 to 70 degrees. My own air conditioning setting is indicative of the fact that I like to save money. I prefer to keep the HVAC system set at a specific temperature, in order to keep our HVAC Appliance bills low. Every single month, it seems like our energy bills are on the rise. Even after updating our HVAC Appliance to a more energy efficient cooler, we still find ourselves with higher-than-normal energy bills. I would love to be able to run the air conditioner non-stop, but the HVAC Appliance cannot even handle running all day long. I wish that my parents would have upgraded to a much more reliable HVAC system.

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