Need better HVAC technology

Beach weather is annoying. I guess that is deranged to hear someone say however it genuinely is. Sand gets all over the place. The breeze is unpredictable and just brings even more sand. The worst part of the beach is that the humidity in the air is twice as bad by the beach as they are further inland. My mom and dad own a condo right on the edge of the beach. When I was a kid I adored going to visit all the time and be able to go from the sandy shore to a enjoyable house. Now I hate going. Not because of the weather, however because I am constantly having to empty the two dehumidifiers my mom and dad purchased in hopes of making the home less muggy. These dehumidifiers are about the size of a toddler and do a actually wonderful task of making sure the indoor air quality inside the condo is pleasant and doesn’t make you suppose sticking after being outside in the heat all day. That being said the amount of water the dehumidifiers collect is unbelievable! Twice a day, occasionally three depending on how humid it is, I am emptying the dehumidifiers of water. I have pleaded with my mom and dad to try and find a better way to get rid of the excess humidity in the air however they swear up and down that the dehumidifiers are the best way to do so without going overspending on their bank account. I just feel like they appreciate the free labor of myself and others emptying the dehumidifier holders for them while they’re out sunbathing and surfing.

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