House AC troubles

I was under the impression that having a greater beach house would be better for our family however it seems as though my husband and I are having a difficult time keeping the home cool. In the Summer months the beach house gets so incredibly warm as well as can reach temperatures of up to 90 degrees, and since the beach house is so huge, about 3,500 square feet, it is quite challenging to get our Heating as well as A/C unit to cooperate as well as keep the heat out of the big place. My husband and I  might have been better off living in the smaller beach house that my husband and I were in because at least husband and I could live comfortably as well as not perspire throughout the day as well as the night. My husband and I have tried so more than 2 options to keep the home at a comfortable thermostat reading however it seems that nothing is completely working. My husband and I recently have been using big fans all over the home to try as well as at least keep the air circulating but it seems to only be moving around the summer air, which does not bring relief to our family or myself. Both of us last month had a local Heating as well as A/C serviceman dispatched to give us some options to keeping the home cool. First he declared that my husband and I can install insulation in the walls as well as the attic to keep the cool air conditioner trapped within the home, add attic fans which removes boiling air outside of the home as well as pulls in cool air, as well as also updating or replacing the Heating as well as A/C unit. After some research every one of us decided we should get a new efficient Heating as well as A/C unit as well as it was the best decision every one of us ever came to. Both of us are going to be sure to make sure every one of us keep this new a/c diagnosed as well as now the huge beach house is always cool as well as delightful to live in.

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