Having to clean out furnace filter

I’ll admit I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to beach condo care. I tend to regularly call my parents whenever an item breaks down or stops actually working correctly. This usually only ever happens with my auto. For example, the first time my auto overheated as well as I was almost stranded in the middle of the country I swiftly rang my father in hopes that he would be able to give me directions on how to remedy the situation. My mother I usually call for household issues, savor a stain I can’t get out or when I want to cook something. The only problem I had never contacted them for was concerning my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system. At first this was because I resided at beach condo as well as my parents mainly handled that. Then when I moved away for university, the university plan itself handled any as well as all Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan issues, so there was never any reason to problem myself. Now that I have become a real adult as well as live on my own I am somehow have no system what to do when it comes to anything involving central air conditioning. This was oh so apparent when it came time to select a modern air filter for the a/c. Now the first time I moved the landlord mentioned that I needed to change the air filter once a month to ensure dust particles don’t stay out of the air as well as the HVAC doesn’t become plugged. After a few months, I remembered I was guess to replace said air filter, however not a clue where to start. I rang up my mother who laughed as well as told me where the air filter was located, as well as how to find the filter. I then wrote down the measurements of the air filter as well as proceed to the local store to purchase another; Once I made it back to my place with the modern air filter I called my Mom as well as asked how to replace the air filter, and he also chuckled before explaining to me the self-explanatory work.

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