Cold AC in the office

I absolutely love my job, because I feel like it keeps me busy. My brain is constantly challenged, and I feel like I am absolutely getting paid for every amount of work that I do. The only bad thing about our office, is the terrible HVAC system. The HVAC system is constantly a problem, no matter the fact if it’s summer or winter. The HVAC system is constantly set at a low temperature, because our office has a lot of servers located inside.  During 85% of the time, I have no problems with our HVAC system. For a few months during the winter, that is when the HVAC system is the worst. The winter months can be absolutely brutal, because the air conditioner still runs to keep the building at a low temperature. Despite the fact that it is probably in the team’s outside, our office is still constantly being delivered a cold flash of air. The HVAC system constantly Works to keep our office at a cool 68°. During the winter season, I am constantly inundated with dry hands and cracked lips. Both of these things are from the cold atmosphere, as well as the cold weather outside. I would love for our company to invest in a humidifier for our HVAC system, but I don’t see that happening anytime within the near future. For now, my fellow employees in addition to myself will deal with the consequences of working in an environment with so many different types of electronics. At least our HVAC system works well enough to keep us cool during the summer, because that would be a much bigger problem.

Central air conditioning