The heater and AC in my car

This past month, it has been incredibly hot and humid. I live in an area where we get weather that is typically quite warm and sticky. However, the heat is definitely worse this year. I do not enjoy the hot climate, but I do like my proximity to the beach.  It is necessary to compromise between my various preferences because it is hard to land in the perfect location. A problem of  the weather here lately is the humidity buildup in my car. When I get in the car, it is very damp and uncomfortable.  I can barely tolerate the humidity and instantly start to sweat.   I activate the a/c as quick as I can. Unfortunately, the a/c needs to run to finally provide cool air.  When it starts up, it strictly provides hot air. I then need to roll my window down to let some of the humid air out.  But the air outside of the automobile is just as hot and humid, so there is no relief from the awful heat and humidity.   It normally takes the air conditioner in my automobile about four minutes to cool down.  My commute to work is only fifteen minutes, so the air conditioner does not help me all that much.  I’m always sweaty by the time I arrive at work.  I have added tinted windows to my car, but they have not done me much good.  They do not prevent  the buildup of humidity. I wish there was a type of air conditioning for the car that would produce cool air with no waiting.  I wish the air conditioner in the car was more like the cooling system in my house.  I could control it from my phone and it would be programmable.  

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