Schools HVAC equipment

Last year, I was accepted into a school to become a midwife.  The school was incorporated into a southern plantation-style home in a historic section of the local  town. The building itself is amazing, but some of the students and I have a big complaint.  The cooling system is terrible. Either we are drenched in sweat or we’re far too cold.  The majority of the time, we are cold. I know that most students do better when the classrooms are on the cool side, but I think that keeping the venue so chilly that we walk around wrapped in layers of sweaters is just too much. I find myself often looking for places to get warm when I  eat or study.  Sometimes I may even go outside. The warmest places are the library, and the downstairs bathroom. The coldest by far is the living room. The cooling system does a great job cooling the air.  There is no doubt of that. If I’m in the living room reading or eating  my  my supper, I’ll usually place a blanket  over the air vent to block out the cold draft. One thing I do appreciate in our school is the heater. I am not sure if the school has a separate furnace or a combined heater/a/c component, but whatever the situation may be, it works great. There is nothing as pleasant as walking into school on a frozen December morning and stepping into the warmth.  My classmates are  usually pretty agreeable about adjusting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and we keep blankets around for anyone who feels chilly.

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