Poor school heating device

I went to a truly older, private college. It was absolutely expensive; all of the buildings were modern & some even had rose bushes all around them, quite a pricy place to be. However, while some sections about the expensive school were great, others were not too ideal. For example, the Heating as well as A/C proposal was not newer. I went to school in the west, where it is sort of Wintertime for half of the year. The truth is, the people I was with and I need a good heating device. At this campus, though, there was truly no furnace system. Well, there was a heater technically, however it was an absolutely excruciating system. The two of us were super cold all Wintertime long, in the dorms also in the classroom. While I did not think so much in the dorms, I like to be in my bed in the cold, it was excruciating in the classrooms, people kept Wintertime coats on inside the buildings because it was so cold. My body would get so frigid it took me a long time to focus on anything because my grip on reality was so terrible. My fingers would turn blue just sitting in class. It was super awful. Even my professors have had it with the lack of a good furnace in the buildings during the Wintertime. It is super awful enough to have to shovel your transportation out of multiple feet of snow, let alone not even be able warm enough inside the building when you get there!

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