Keeping mind with new HVAC

After Trent and I got into our home, Trent and I knew that he and I would have to replace some stuff to make the home livable.  It wasn’t a horrible house, just lived in.  The inspection report gave the shed a satisfactory type since it was only 11 years old however the air conditioner and heating method was super bad and would have to be switched with something better.  Although it was 11 years old like the shed, unfortunately, data showed that there had been entirely  little maintenance done on the air conditioner method over the years.  A little service goes a long way with this technology.  If only the previous homeowners had an air conditioning checkup a couple times a year, Trent and I might have been able to save some money.  Or rather the seller may have saved themselves some money because the people I was with and I had to lower our price offer to compensate for the now current air conditioning replacement that the home will need. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company was able to save some of the air duct by washing them however practically a whole current heating and air conditioner unit had to bought and then put in.  If only the seller had cleaned out an air filter once again not to mention an occasional air conditioning tune-up.  Cleaning and maintenance would have saved him money in the long haul. Using this current Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system,Trent and I were determined not to make that same issue once again.

HVAC system