Cooling system set up by me

On a friday, my lover Taron and I decided it was time to install the many air conditioning systems. Taron and I seem to consistently wait too much, however Taron and I never want to put them in until it’s super, absolutely tepid out; So, Taron and I waited. Taron and I have 5 window unit air conditioning systems for the 5 rooms in the house. Some of my good pals have central air conditioning system however Taron and I never saw the reason for this because it just is not hot enough here. So rather, Taron and I have the window AC units. I appreciate the one cooling system for my room, it gets so overheated that the condensation builds up and then it will switch into ice during the night. It is the right thing for my room. While they are always super worth the effort, they are absolutely annoying to put in our home. Now, especially this year, because Taron and I waited too long & it was truly, truly overheated when Taron and I were installing them. Taron and I have to grab them and move them down 2 flights of stairs from the basement, set them on the window sills until Taron can lock them in, & not to say that all the fiddling around with the screens is a breeze. I have to just do it to get the things into the windows. It is truly hard to accomplish, & it takes the two of us to do it.

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