Zoned HVAC savings

I heat and cool my house with a forced air furnace and central air conditioner. I am happy with my HVAC system, for the most part. I have it professionally serviced twice per year and it operates smooth and quietly. I get a bit upset with the additional costs incurred from the winters and summers. My monthly utility bills typically get rather expensive during these seasons. The problem is that the HVAC system is trying to keep the entire house at the same temperature. There are several rooms that usually get extremely overheated in our summer, and others that are often chilly in the winter. To make these bedrooms perfectly comfortable, I need to either overheat or overcool the rest of the house. This wastes energy and costs me a lot of money. Plus, there are rooms in the house that we rarely use. I’m sure paying to heat and cool empty rooms is not a smart move. I discussed a lot of these complaints with my local HVAC company, and it was suggested that I upgrade to zoned conditioning. I might not need to replace my HVAC system. The HVAC contractor would simply install several valves and thermostats that would then allow me to control each room independently. The thermostats would be linked together and then to an app on my touch screen phone and computer. I could easily adjust the temperature inside the various rooms according to the family’s schedule and preferences. I’m sure this would significantly trim month-to-month costs while greatly improving everyone’s comfort. It would also reduce use on my HVAC system, supporting superior reliability and longevity.

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